ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 13 & 14

Day 13 &14
Live has been crazy stressful past few days and having trouble feeling the prayer vibe. But as a certain druid I know likes to say “when you feel like praying the least is when you need to the most”,
So I pray to Garanus lord of the interwebz,
Thank you for all the funny cat videos
Thank you for all the cute animal pictures
Thank you for the web comics
These things lift my spirit
You are the good
that help me find the reserve strength
To endure the bad and the ugly
Thank you Garanus
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ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 13

A prayer without words for some days there are none.

(For those that are curious the painting is my interpretation of Hades and Persephone)

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ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 11

To the gods that be
Thank you for giving us coffee
This wonderous brew
This magic bean juice
Is just wat I need to
Get through my Monday commute
By the power of caffeine
I am now awake
And ready to face the start of this week
#PrayerADay #ADFdruidry

ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 10

The Muses work in interesting ways,
So here is a prayer about active praying.

The yoga mat is a temple
This where I come to find balance
In my body, mind and spirit
Every pose is a prayer
Where I honor the divine
The divine in myself
The divine in my life
This is where I come to learn
Learn to quiet my mind
Learn to Know myself
Learn to discipline my Will
Learn to Dare to push my limits
Learn to Silence the self-doubt
So I can hear the ancestors
So I can hear the nature spirits
So I can hear the Shining ones
The yoga mat is a temple

#PrayerADay #ADFdruidry

ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 9

Dear Hermes,
Swift-footed god of merchants and travelers I have felt your presence these past few days and wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for the sale on tires so I can safely travel to and fro.
Thank you for guiding me the clearance rack to find the sailor moon sun shade for my car.
Thank you for helping me focus enought to get this far in my degree program.
Thank you for the helping get through two assignments today.
Thank you for making sure I read Covey’s 7 habits and reminding me I need to make ‘me time’ if I am going to succeed in your wonderous field.
Thank you for guiding me in to this field
For knowing logistics is the career I was meant for.
May my work please you
May my success honor you
May our collaborations always be pleasent.
Thank you Hermes for being awesome
#PrayerADay #ADFdruidry

ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 8

Day 8
Work is having a bake sale today for Toys for Tots
I am greatful for the opportunity to donate to this cause
I am grateful for the resources to donate
I am greatful for people motivated to bettering the world
Small gestures or big
I am greatful for a collective effort to moving foward to a better future

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ADF Druids’ Prayer A Day Project: Day 7

First some explanation. Given all the crazy stuff going on in the ADF currently I was thinking about the deity Teutautas who I was introduced to by the Cranes as ” god of the tribe” looked him up in my Dictionary of Roman Religion because it cross refences celtic deities and I couldn’t remember how to spell his name.(See picture below). Found the entry amusing to me that this deity supposedly required human sacrifice as today the officially dethroned its founder Isaac Bonewits. A necessary human sacrifice for the greater good, atleast in in my mind.
So anyways this is the only prayer I plan on doing that is not focused on gratitude. This one is focused on the relationship between tribe and the march of time.

‘The king’s name has been chiseled off the walls, his statues pulled down and broken,
Some weep, some rejoice
We will move on, for time forces us foward
Like so many civilizations
we build apon the ruins of our ancestors
We will move on, for time forces us foward
Loved or hated, it matters not
Names will be forgotten, and so will ours
We will move on, for time forces us foward
The tribe changes over the years
Always has, always will
We will move on, for time forces us foward
Decades, centuries, it matters not
For the eternal the goal remains the same
To pray together with a good fire’

#PrayerADay #ADFdruidry